Health System Auxiliaries Install Officers

The Singing River Hospital Auxiliary and the Ocean Springs Hospital Auxiliary installed their 2016-2017 officers during special ceremonies held in October.

At Singing River Hospital, Martha Edwards was installed as Auxiliary President. Joy Mangum will serve as First Vice President and Elouise Bell will serve as Second Vice President. Gail Nicholson will serve as Treasurer with Karen German as Recording Secretary and Betty Richarde as Corresponding Secretary. Jackie Chapman will serve as Parliamentarian and Ruby Alexander will be the group’s Historian.

L to R: Gail Nicholson, Betty Richarde, Karen German, Elouise Bell, Joy Mangum, Martha Edwards

During the event, pins and guards for the amount of hours served were given out. In the 2015-2016 year, the 58 active auxilians worked 17,352 hours in a variety of hospital departments and service areas at Singing River Hospital. Also honored at the event was the Auxilian of the Year, Jackie Chapman.

At Ocean Springs Hospital, Sandra Higginbotham was installed as President. Other officers include Sharon Kirk, Vice-President; Cheryl Tillman, Recording Secretary; Dortha Durso, Corresponding Secretary; and Dianne Gish, Treasurer.

L to R: Cheryl Tillman, Dianne Gish, Sharon Kirk, Sandra Higginbotham
Not pictured: Dortha Durso

During the Ocean Springs event, auxilians received pins and guards for the amount of hours served. In the 2016-2017 year, the 36 active volunteers worked over 12,293 hours. Dianne Gish was recognized as Volunteer of the Year at Ocean Springs Hospital.

Singing River Health System Auxiliary Volunteers come from all walks of life. These caring and compassionate partners in care serve in many different areas, providing quality services to our patients, visitors, guests and hospital staff. Volunteers are friendly, self-motivated and service minded, bringing an added dimension and personal touch to the experience of a hospital visit.

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