How does the cost of eggs relate to your health?

It’s February 2023. Walk into any grocery store and you’re sure to find eggs at prices nearing or topping $5/dozen for a product that just one year ago could be purchased for $2 or less.

What do egg prices have to do with your health?

A lot more than you might think, actually.

In a December 2022 survey of Americans conducted by the American Psychological Association, “inflation” was one of the most pervasive sources of stress for American adults, with an astounding 83% reporting the rise in cost of living as a source of stress. Also topping the most significant causes of stress for these same adults is the economy (69%) and money (66%).

So a rise in egg cost, as well as other costs, is clearly tied to a rise in stress for adults in America.

Stress = mental & physical health problems

Financial strain can result in constant elevated levels of stress.

Stress can then lead to mental health concerns such as anxiety and depression, which, when left untreated, can in turn manifest themselves in our bodies as new health issues like headaches, stomach aches, or sleep issues.

Stress can also exacerbate existing, chronic health problems like heart disease, auto-immune disorders, and diabetes.

So, egg prices ➜ Stress ➜ Health issues

The key is not to sit back and allow stress to creep up on your mental or physical health. Stay ahead of inflation and be sure to schedule your regular annual check-up with a Singing River Primary Care Provider. They can’t prevent inflation or treat rising prices, but they can help you stay healthy so you can best tackle every day at your very best.

Content inspired by: Healthcare is Selfcare: The Podcast

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