A beer a day keeps the doctor away.

Four health benefits of beer

We’ve given beer a bad rap. Yes, it is important to only drink in moderation to avoid serious health impacts, but if you’re enjoying just one to two beers a day, you might actually be reaping some rewards from your brew. Here’s just a few of the health benefits of beer:

  1. Antioxidants. The darker your beer, the more antioxidants it tends to have. Antioxidants fight the build up of free radicals within the body, which cause and worsen chronic conditions, contribute to common ailments of aging, and can even cause cancer.
  2. Reduced risk of heart disease. We’ve been told that a glass of red wine each night can be good for the heart. Recent studies indicate beer may be just as good if not better than it’s traditionally “classier” counterpart for heart health.
  3. Blood sugar regulation. Drinking a beer, or light intake of alcohol in general, may help reduce the risk of developing diabetes by as much as 50% and may even help individuals with diabetes better manage their blood sugar levels.
  4. Increase bone strength. Initial study findings indicate that light alcohol consumption may have a drastic effect on the bone strength of both men and postmenopausal women. However, the positive effects drastically drop in populations consuming more than 2 alcoholic beverages.

REMINDER: Moderation is key.

As we’ve already noted, limiting alcohol intake is key to getting the most benefits out of its consumption. Many of the benefits of beer and other alcoholic beverages quickly become null and void once consumption tops 2 beverages a day.

Alcohol addiction is also a very serious matter in and of itself and for anyone struggling with addiction, Singing River can help through our partnership with New Vision and our Behavioral Health team.

As long as you’re able to keep your alcohol consumption light, feel better about your brew knowing it has some nutritional and health value!

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Antioxidants. Vitamins. Gut-health benefits. Blood sugar regulating components. Sounds like the latest and greatest superfood, right? What if we told you these things and more are found in beer? Learn more about the health benefits of beer on Episode 23 of Healthcare is Selfcare: The Podcast with our guest, Katie Turner, Head Brewer at Chandeluer Island Brewing Company. So sit back, grab your favorite beer and learn all about the great things it’s doing for your body (when consumed in moderation, of course)!

Source: https://www.webmd.com/diet/beer-good-for-you