Medical Cannabis

Visit with a qualified Singing River provider about your eligibility for a medical cannabis certification.

Frequently Asked Questions About Medical Cannabis Certification

My specialist says I qualify for medical cannabis. What’s next?

Singing River has designated certified providers at various Primary Care clinics who are available to complete your certification process. Appointments can be made through MyChart or over the phone:

How much does a medical cannabis certification cost?

An initial certification visit is a cash pay price of $200 plus the cost of any laboratory tests that may be required. This includes your initial visit and consultation with a certified provider to determine eligibility and appropriateness of receiving medical cannabis. However, an initial visit does not guarantee certification. Visit payments are non-refundable.

Do I get a prescription?

Your certifying provider will not provide a prescription, but rather a certification. You will receive your medical cannabis card, which is then presented to a dispensary.

How often do I have to be seen by my certifying provider?

You will see your certifying provider every 6 months. After your initial visit, you will schedule a 6 month follow up to see how this treatment plan is helping with your care. You are required to re-certify every 12 months.

Are any lab tests required?

Yes. A urine drug screen is required at your initial visit, your 6 month follow-up visit, and your re-certification visit. Additional laboratory tests may be needed if determined by your certifying provider.

Does it cost anything at my next visit?

Yes. Each visit after your initial visit is a cash pay price of $175 plus the cost of any laboratory tests that may be required.

Can I schedule my next visit through MyChart?

Yes. We encourage patients to utilize MyChart to schedule all of their medical cannabis visits. If you do not have a MyChart account, register for one now.

The information presented in this FAQ is specific to the policies and procedures for Singing River Health System. For more information regarding medical cannabis, also known as marijuana, please visit the Mississippi Medical Cannabis Program website.