Outpatient Ostomy Services

Singing River Health System provides a full range of pre- and post-operative Ostomy Services within our three Wound Care Centers in Gulfport, Ocean Springs, and Pascagoula.

Ostomy Patient Support and Education

Singing River Health System’s Wound Care Centers provides our patients support services and educational information with the mission to improve health for those needing ostomy surgery.

Our goal is to assist patients in adjusting to life with their ostomies and return to their normal activities as quickly as possible.

Wound Care Center’s Ostomy Services

Our specially trained team provides:

  • Pre- and Post-operative counseling on stoma care and management.
  • Pre-op stoma marking, which ensures the stoma is in the best location for patients to manage after surgery
  • Information regarding supplies and products available
  • Family and caregiver support and resources to provide an understanding of the condition and necessary post-op lifestyle adjustments
  • Management of skin conditions due to improperly-fitted appliances or common skin complications post-surgery
  • Continuum of care through coordination with the patient’s primary physician and/or specialty surgeon to ensure the best outcomes

Types of Ostomies

Depending on the section of the organ removed and the patient’s condition, ostomies may be temporary or permanent.


A Urostomy is when the bladder is removed, and a small piece of small intestine is used to form a pouch in the abdomen. Then, ureters from the kidney are placed in this pouch for urine — with one end being brought to the surface of the skin to form a stoma.


During a colostomy, a portion of your large intestine is brought to the surface of the skin.


An Ileostomy is when a portion of your small intestine is brought to the surface of the skin.