The Best Birthday Present: the Gift of Health

The Story of Leslie Diaz

Celebrating her 35th birthday this month, Gautier resident Leslie Diaz says that there is no greater gift than getting her life back.

Diaz had struggled with her weight for years, which affected not only her self-esteem but her ability to do her job. In her multifamily industry, she was required to traverse stairs and perform tasks that left her tired, out of breath, and in pain. Within eight months of surgery, Diaz was able to move around easily—from her desk, on stairs, and throughout the property. With this newfound mobility, she accepted the promotion to community manager.

While these things impacted Diaz personally, she didn’t realize how her weight would affect her relationship with her family. “I’m originally from Puerto Rico and had taken a trip home to visit my family,” she recalled. “When I arrived, their focus was not on my visit but on my weight. Their concern was monumental, with so many questions about my health and weight that it took the focus off of our family and bonding time. That really affected me.”

With her family’s concerns for her health in mind, Diaz needed help. Seeing her distress, her husband took it upon himself to research solutions and suggested surgical weight loss.

“While still indecisive, I was riding home from work one day and a commercial for Singing River Weight Loss Center came on,” Diaz said. “That broadcast alone, and the endless support of my husband, confirmed that it was time for a change.”

Diaz immediately called Singing River Weight Loss Center, recalling that the process was “smooth as butter.” She said, “Dr. Avara was my surgeon—I couldn’t have asked for a better one. At the beginning of my journey, he said something that stuck with me: ‘We cannot beat ourselves up about things that happened in our past. We have to work very hard and diligently for our present and future because that’s what counts.'”

Since receiving her gastric sleeve, Diaz has lost 178 pounds.

“This surgery is a birthday gift for life. Sometimes I still can’t believe that my body is my body! But I love it and I feel comfortable and happy with my body than I ever have.”

Singing River Weight Loss Center has been helping men and women like Leslie Diaz to meet their weight loss goals since their formation in 2000. Learn more about surgical weight loss options, including the gastric sleeve, and register for a free information session.

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