Meniscus Repair Surgery for Passionate Pickleball Player

The Story of Jane Anne Doucet

In the world of sports and recreation, injuries can be a formidable setback. Jane Anne Doucet, a passionate pickleball player, experienced an unexpected turn of events on the court in September 2022.

In the middle of a competitive pickleball game, a sudden twist followed by a loud pop and intense pain in her knee threatened to disrupt her active lifestyle.

Knee Injury Diagnosis & Treatment Plan

Following her injury, Doucet immediately reached out to a physical therapist friend, who highly recommended the expertise of Dr. Philip Myers, a trusted orthopedic surgeon at Singing River Orthopedics. The decision to consult Singing River Orthopedics marked a pivotal moment in her recovery journey.

Upon entering the facility, she was met not just with concern, but genuine empathy from the staff. Dr. Myers greeted her with the kind of warmth that instantly eased her worries. He conducted a thorough examination, suspecting a torn meniscus.

To confirm the diagnosis, he ordered diagnostic tests, which validated his initial assessment. With the utmost compassion and professionalism, Dr. Myers discussed the necessity of surgery, while addressing her fears and instilling confidence in the treatment plan.

Meniscal Repair Surgery and Recovery

In October 2022, Dr. Myers performed a swift and successful surgery, allowing Doucet to return home the same day. Following her surgery, she committed to a month-long period of wearing a knee brace and began therapy as prescribed by Dr. Myers.

Her commitment to the rehabilitation process paid off as she joyfully returned to the pickleball courts by December of that year.

Return to Pickleball

Since her recovery, Doucet has not only returned to her pre-injury pickleball routine but has excelled beyond expectations.

In October 2023, exactly one-year post-op, she secured the gold medal at the Gulf Coast Pickleball Championship in women’s doubles! This was a true testament to her triumphant return to her peak performance.

Doucet’s testimonial stands as a demonstration of the outstanding care provided by Dr. Myers and the Singing River Orthopedics team. Their commitment to patient well-being coupled with expertise in orthopedic care has allowed individuals like Doucet to reclaim their lives and pursue their passions with strength.

The gold medal is not just an accolade for Doucet—it’s a symbol of overcoming adversity and a celebration of the unwavering support she received on her journey to recovery.

In Doucet’s own words, “Thank you, Dr. Myers and staff, for helping me be the best I can be!”

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