Singing River Detects Early Stages of Liver Disease with FibroScan Technology

Singing River Detects Early Stages of Liver Disease with FibroScan Technology

Singing River Health System introduces area residents to FibroScan – An FDA approved, non-invasive, painless test to measure fat and liver stiffness.

Because the liver is a fundamental part of the body’s overall regulation and good health, Singing River Health System is helping patients take an important step toward the opportunity to prevent and/or halt liver disease.

To help maintain a good clean liver, it is important to eat fresh, whole foods and skip the high-fat, high-sugar “Western” diet that a recent study determined was a source of liver inflammation.

How FibroScan works:

  • The patients lie comfortably on an exam table
  • The medical professional applies a water-based gel on the patient’s skin and places the Fibroscan probe on the right side of the ribcage
  • The medical professional then take 10 quick, painless measurements
  • Results are immediate for the physician to interpret 

About Singing River Health System

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