Research & Clinical Trials

Singing River Health System has been a participant in clinical trials for many years, but since being awarded a $3.4 million Cancer Disparities Research Partnership grant from the National Cancer Institute, Singing River Health System has significantly advanced its research efforts.

Clinical Trials and Community Education Programs

Regional Cancer Center’s Research Team

The Cancer Disparities Research Partnership grant supports Singing River Health System’s efforts to improve community access to clinical trials for cancer patients and to address barriers to care such as lack of transportation, no health insurance, and communication issues that all contribute to ongoing illness and death.

Clinical Cancer Studies and Treatment Trials

Clinical research at Regional Cancer Center now encompasses prevention studies and treatment trials for common cancers such as breast, lung, prostate and colorectal.

There are also trials for patients facing treatment challenges such as late stage diagnosis, recurrent cancers, and those with limited treatment options.

Clinical trials are key to advancing cancer treatment, and the Singing River Health System research program gives our local community access to cutting-edge trials previously only available at large research institutions. At present, there are more than 40 clinical trials available at the cancer center.

To find out more about current Clinical Trials, contact us.

Phone: (228) 809-5292

Cancer Trial Database from the National Cancer Institute

Cancer Patient Support Services

Research patients and other Cancer Center patients benefit from grant-supported services offered at Singing River Health System.

Patient navigators are on hand to help patients successfully manage their treatment programs and assist patients with needs such as:

  • Finding transportation
  • Making appointments
  • Communicating with the doctor
  • Making financial arrangements
  • Obtaining emotional support

To find Cancer support, call the Patient Navigator Program.
Phone: (228) 809-5664

Cancer Outreach Education

Educating the community on cancer issues is also an important part of our cancer program. Our cancer outreach educator provides in-house education for patients and also takes cancer prevention, early detection/screening and treatment awareness programs out into the community.

For more information on Community Outreach Services, contact Community Outreach.

Phone: (228) 809-5590

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