At Singing River Cancer Centers, we treat specific tumors with an effective, safe method called High Dose Rate (HDR) Brachytherapy.

High Dose Rate Radiation Brachytherapy Treatment for Cancer

HDR Brachytherapy advances patient comfort and convenience in modern cancer care.

During HDR Brachytherapy treatment, the Radiation Oncology team delivers a very high dose of radiation directly inside a tumor. This highly localized treatment avoids treating the healthy tissues surrounding the tumor.

How HDR Brachytherapy Works

Catheter Placement

After being lightly sedated, we will place place between one and 24 slim plastic tubes called catheters inside your tumor. These tubes are then attached to the Remote Afterloader.

Computer Controlled Remote Afterloading

Catheters attached to the Remote HDR Afterloader. Radioactive implants travel from these catheters directly into your tumor, where they stay for a short amount of time.

The HDR Remote Afterloader is a safe container for the radioactive pellets that delivers and removes the radiation pellets to the tumor through your catheters. Our Radiation Oncologists can remotely control the machine’s delivery of radiation.

The pellets pass through these catheters to be delivered inside of your tumor, where they will remain for 3-10 minutes depending on type of tumor. Once the treatment is finished, the material is pulled back into the machine and safely stored.

HDR Intercavitary Brachytherapy has the same outcomes of controlling a tumor as traditional radiation, but it has lower toxicity (or side effects), if any.

Benefits of INTERCAVITARY HDR Brachytherapy

Faster Treatment

HDR Brachytherapy is an outpatient procedure, so after your catheters are placed inside of your tumor, the treatment only lasts a short time (3 to 15 minutes depending on tumor type).

Fewer Visits

High dose treatments = fewer visits. Spending less time having treatments leads to more patient comfort and convenience.

Recovery Time

You’ll go home the same day as your treatment, and you can proceed with daily life as normal. Because the radiation was removed, your family members will not be exposed to any radiation.

World-Class Cancer Treatment Right at Home

The Radiation Oncology Team at Singing River Cancer Center is dedicated to providing world-class cancer treatment to our patients right here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Singing River Cancer Center has invested in this treatment so that our patients can receive the same care and outcomes that they would receive at major cancer centers in other states. There is no longer a need to travel long distances to receive the latest advances in cancer care.