Cancer Survivorship Program

If you’ve rung the bell and your cancer treatment is now behind you, we invite you to join us in an interactive program designed to revive your spirits and regain your energy.

The Re-vive Survivorship Program

The Re-vive Program is a free, 2-hour, 4-week workshop designed to help cancer survivors make the transition from active treatment to post-treatment care.

Led by members of your cancer care team, topics include benefits of exercise tailored to each participant’s abilities, training in relaxation and stress management, and tips for nutritious eating. Re-vive will answer many of your questions about cancer survivorship and living life after cancer treatment.

Re-Vive Workshops

Session 1: Get Back to Wellness — Take Control of Your Survivorship

This session provides an introduction to the program and the concept of cancer survivorship.

Session 2: Exercise & Nutrition: Keep Moving and Eat Right

Learn about the power of exercise and how to make exercise feel good, safe, and fun. You will also work with a registered dietician or nutritionist to learn about the importance of a healthy diet in your recovery and can help you feel better and stay stronger.

Session 3: Emotional Health and Well-Being — from Patient to Survivor

In this session you will learn more about how your personal experience affects the way you feel, think and act. It will address the impact of emotions and health, and provide healthy ways to cope with stress and how to find support.

Session 4: Medical Management & Life Beyond Cancer

This session will be led by a medical oncologist or oncology nurse to help you better understand what to expect after cancer treatment in order to plan for optimal follow-up care.

You will also review the many things you’ve learned during the program, to celebrate your completion of the program, and discuss how you plan to move forward.

Join the Next session

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