Heart Failure Clinic

The Heart Failure Clinic works with the physician to provide comprehensive outpatient management for patients diagnosed with heart failure. The staff provides monitoring of patient symptoms, intravenous (IV) medications when necessary, and education to help patients learn to manage their condition.

Manage Congestive Heart Failure at Singing River

If you have been diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure, your physician may consider referring you to the Heart Failure Clinic to help monitor your condition.

Singing River Health System operates two clinics: one at Pascagoula Hospital and one at Ocean Springs Hospital. Both clinics are staffed with registered nurses that work with your cardiologists to provide monitoring of your heart failure condition and management of your symptoms.

About Heart Failure

Heart failure is a condition that causes weakening of the heart and decreases its ability to pump as effectively. With heart failure, your heart has to work harder to pump blood through your body to meet the need for oxygen and nutrients. As your heart tries to pump more blood, the muscle walls become weaker over time. Heart failure is a chronic or long term condition. However, with careful management by your physician and compliance with your diet, medications and exercise, you can live longer and feel better. 

Possible causes of heart failure include high blood pressure, irregular heart beat, heart attack or blocked arteries, heart valve disease, diabetes, drug and/or alcohol abuse, infection, lung disease or eating too much salt. Symptoms of heart failure may include shortness of breath that is worse than usual or shortness of breath at rest, swelling (such as in legs, ankles, or abdomen), dizziness, fatigue, weakness, cold or clammy skin and a rapid or irregular heartbeat.

Heart Failure Clinic Services

Monitoring Vital Statistics

The Heart Failure Clinic staff will monitor your weight, blood pressure, heart rhythm, and lab tests to help manage your heart failure symptoms.

IV Medication

Depending on your current condition, your physician may also order you to receive certain IV medications to help remove excess fluid or increase the heart’s ability to pump more effectively. We offer IV infusions conveniently at the clinic.

Dietary Counseling & Education

Get individual dietary counseling from our registered dietitian. The clinic staff will also provide education regarding your condition to help you manage your symptoms.

Medication Counseling

We offer one-on-one, individual medication counseling for patients with our pharmacist.

What to Expect

The frequency of your clinic visits will depend on your symptoms.

Your physician may increase or decrease your recommended frequency depending on your current condition. 

Referral Information

Discuss with your doctor to see if a referral to the Heart Failure Clinic is right for you.