The Hybrid Operating Room

With the Hybrid OR, procedures that once took place over the course of several days, in multiple operating rooms and labs, can now all be done during one visit in one room. This efficient treatment leads to a comfortable, less time-consuming hospital stay and a quicker recovery for surgical guests.

The Hybrid Operating Room, located at Singing River Health System’s Ocean Springs Hospital, is a surgical theater containing both imaging equipment as well as the latest in surgical devices.

In the Hybrid OR, surgeons are able to perform both open and laparoscopic procedures in the same visit, reducing time, anesthesia, and risk to the patient. Plus, the Hybrid OR is equipped with both surgical equipment as well as advanced imaging equipment. Patients no longer need to be transferred out of the OR in order to receive necessary scans.

Advantages of the Hybrid Operating Room


The ability to have an entire range of specialists in the same room at one time improves communication between team members and allows for more timely responses.

Imaging Capabilities

Doctors essentially have an imaging department inside the OR and do not have to transfer the patient out for imaging services, saving valuable operating time.


Every piece of equipment that a surgeon needs during a procedure is now comfortably at an arm’s length. The size and layout of the Hybrid OR allow that everything can fit for physicians and surgeons to operate efficiently, including:

  • Radiology Imaging machines
  • Anesthesia Monitoring Systems
  • Perfusion and Oxygen Pumps
  • Tool Trays
  • and More

Surgeries at the Hybrid OR

Surgical procedures performed at the Hybrid OR include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Cardiovascular Surgery, including structural heart procedures TAVR, Perceval Aortic Valve Replacement, and Mitraclip
  • Thoracic Surgery
  • Orthopedic Surgery including Mako Robotic Arm-Assisted Joint Replacement
  • Laparoscopic Surgery
  • Emergency Surgery
  • Trauma Surgery