Breast Pumps

Singing River Health System’s Breastfeeding Resource Center, located at Ocean Springs Hospital, offers breast pumps and nursing supplies for rent or purchase.

For Sale and Rental: Breast Pumps and Nursing Supplies

The Breastfeeding Resource Center offers Medela® hospital-grade breast pumps for weekly and monthly rental. These breast pumps have two-phase expression technology for effective let down and expression.

To make a purchase or rental, please visit us at the Women’s and Children’s wing, on the third floor, at Ocean Springs Hospital.


  • 2-Phase Expression® Technology
  • Double or single pumping
  • Overflow protection
  • Hospital grade

Pump in Style® Advanced


Buy: $40 (for personal collection)

  • 4 – PersonalFit breast shields
  • 2 – PersonalFit connectors
  • 2 – tubes
  • 2 – valves
  • 4 – membranes
  • 2 – membrane caps
  • 2 – protective membranes
  • 2 – 80mL collection containers with lids
  • 2 – 35mL colostrum containers with lids

Breastfeeding Pump Supplies

  • Valve/membrane replacements (2-pack): $5
  • Breast shields (SM/MED or L/XL): $10
  • Vehicle lighter adapter for Symphony breast pump: $17
  • Bra pads (60-count): $8

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